Wednesday, April 01, 2015

A Good Woman

The other night I had gotten the kids in bed and really just wanted to crash.

I peeled myself off my bed after getting Claire to sleep, and returned to the kitchen to clean up all the dinner stuff.
Then I got dressed, put my running shoes on, and slipped out into the night to run laps in front of my house.

Elder Christofferson quoted something that Sister Nadauld said that I have loved for years.

I still remember exactly where I was when she spoke these words for the first time.
I was in the basement at my dad's, together with members of my family.
I was sitting on the couch that was on the west wall.
I remember sizing myself up in comparison to the quote, wanting to be a good woman.

As I listened to this the other night, I found myself grateful for the reminder.
I came home, showered, and wrote it down, and it has taken residence on my fridge for now.
I believe in the power of tenderness, kindness, refinement, faith, goodness, virtue and purity.
For both women and men.
These attributes, when applied, change the world.

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