Tuesday, March 31, 2015


So, after this post on food, I went to lunch with a couple of long-time girlfriends of mine.

Somehow we got talking about how I love food, love to cook, and I mentioned that I have realized that I take A LOT of pictures of food.  
Like, maybe an inordinate amount.  
Just sayin.
And one of these dear friends started to laugh, and referenced that last post by saying that she had read it and was thinking to herself, "Yeah...she really likes food."


But, here's the deal.

It's not that I sit and pig out all the time.
I just happen to really love to mix flavors and I love to eat yummy food.

So...in that spirit, I am going to post a whole bunch of photos of what we've been eating around here since that last post.
And, my one explanatory note?

I try to only cook with meat a couple of times a week.  
I'm persuaded health-wise on this issue.
That's why you'll see lots of pasta and vegetarian stuff, too.

That's been a bit of an ongoing learning curve, because I grew up in a house that, probably like many of you, had meat as the main dish for dinner every night.

Anyway, you'll see a mix of meat and non-meat dishes here.

Pork spare ribs with baked potatoes, corn and salad
Lentil cauliflower curry soup, from this cookbook, which I love.
Seriously...I can't state enough.  This was bomb dot com.
Check out this gal's blog at ohsheglows.com.
She doesn't disappoint.
A fast and delish version I make of homemade macaroni and cheese.
Use pepperjack cheese.  The kick is yum. 
 A salad I found pretty
red onions and walnuts and avocado, cottage cheese, pepper, etc.
 Quiche, I think? with the above salad.
 Pies for celebrating dad's birthday: 
banana cream, apple, chocolate cream
 Belgian waffles with sweetened whipped cream, strawberries, blueberries, bananas
Peanut butter cookie dough bites.  
Also from ohsheglows.  Delish.
I've pretty much kept a batch of these in my freezer ever since I first made them.
 Roasted potatoes, onions and carrots with sea salt and pepper.  
Salad on the side.
Homemade rolls.
Cuz, seriously.  Do we need an explanation on this one?
Mashed potatoes -- with butter and whole milk and salt and pepper.  
Not the flakes junk.  
Like genuine mashed potatoes.
It makes me laugh that I even have to put that explanatory note here, but it seems that folks do genuine mashed potatoes less and less.
There is no other alternative, in my book.
 Vegetarian Indian food.  Brown rice and lentils with vegetables and Indian spices.  I loved this.
White bean chicken chili, with cream and green chiles and cheese and some red pepper that kicks it up a notch.  I love this.
 Yummy, yummy cookie bars.  
 BBQ chicken with roasted asparagus and salad with tomato and avocado and purple onion and feta.
 Cinnamon bread.  
This is dangerous.
Garbanzo bean and butternut squash curry on brown rice.
I loved this.  Next time I make it, I will put way more squash in, tho.  That added this nice sweet flavor and good texture, too.
Homemade spinach almond pesto, tossed with pasta.  Roasted cauliflower on the side.  Salad.
Spaghetti with scratch sauce, roasted carrots, garlic bread, salad.
(I pretty much always make a salad with dinner.  Like every night.)
 BLTs on homemade artisan bread.  
(With above mentioned spinach almond pesto.)
 Artisan bread.
Vegetarian minestrone with kidney beans, white beans, pasta, spinach.
Hot bread and butter.
Albacore tuna sandwich.  
I talked about this before, but make it with apples and cheese in it.
Or with dill pickle and cheese and celery.  Mix it up.  It's good.
 Sugar cookies with my fave buttercream frosting that is just the perfect mix of sweet and salty.
 Ice cream cake, for Valentines Day dinner.
 Chicken Alfredo.

Are you hungry yet?
Or do you have some new ideas for stuff to make? (I always love that.)

I'd be really flattered if you drooled.

Here's the thing: if it isn't obvious already, 
I totally nerd out on this topic.

Done, and done.

Go eat.
And make it good.

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