Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Simple Fact

Everybody knows I take a lot of pictures of food.
It's kinda my thing---or one of them, anyway.
We spend a lot of time together, food and I---whether up close and personal being prepped in my hands, meeting my tongue, or somewhere in my mind.
Food has facilitated friendships, conversations, traditions, moments that tie so much together.

I think one of my sons is on to something tho.

We were eating dinner not too long ago and he jumped up to grab his camera to take a photo of what we were eating.

(Observation: like mother, like son, I guess.)

Anyway, he came back to the table and came out with something that made me grab my iPhone and write it down so I wouldn't forget because it kind of cracked me up.

"It's a simple fact: every good meal requires a picture."

And you know what?
I can't really disagree.

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