Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Late August

It's late August, and that means these.  
I wait for them every year, and they stay cheery for the next few months.
And seriously, when I see them every day, they lift my heart for just a sec.
Things seem right in the world when they're out there---bright, happy, awake.
This afternoon the Little Miss and I went outside and clipped some to put on the table.
I filled the blue vase with water, we stuck blooms in.
As I recall, the conversation went something like she was telling me how she wasn't very good at it (picking the blooms or something).  I don't know...she's always on to something and she's smart as a whip.
I watch her run around these days and communicate with ease and offer up interesting observations.
I see myself in her in some ways---she's headstrong and sure of her opinion.  She isn't shy.  That little woman knows what she wants.  It kind of makes me envy her surety.  And, as I watch her, I can hardly believe that my baby is such a big person at this point in time.
She's a veritable (I love that word) walking, talking, laughing, funny, loud, almost-three-year-old.
It still surprises me.

In any case, I digress.
Late August also means back to school, which we began last week.
I got balloons and a bottle of sparkling bubbly and tic tacs for their plates.  
I made food.
We sat around the table and talked about something that has been on my mind, something I wanted to focus on with my children this year.
It's funny...contemplating school for the year can at once be exhilarating and exhausting.
I feel both, almost daily.
And yeah, that's a confession.  But it's true.
However, any time we can make it an occasion and have bubbly and balloons and feel a bit festive is fun for all of us, I think.

I love this time of year.
Just tonight, I went up to a store that I love twenty minutes from my house.
I always go there when the fall stuff is put out, which is funny because I'm not what you would call a big shopper.  I didn't buy anything---just wanted to peruse: smell the fall candles, admire crackle glass, and I found a dinnerware set that I super loved.
I find myself grateful for simple traditions, for ways that the year becomes measured.  There is a sense of comfort in the little things that add some continuity amid the crazy.

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