Friday, September 25, 2015

Cells and Wonder

I should be asleep, but it has been a great week with school. 

One of the things I think is so neat about being a parent is the opportunity to teach a child.  I feel woefully inadequate in many regards, but still really grateful and humbled at the gift I've been given to navigate life day-to-day with four other people.  They are teaching me a lot.

This week we were talking about cells for science.  We discussed a couple of basic characteristics and watched this video on YouTube.

After watching it a couple of times through, I looked over and saw that Benji's eyes were full.  And he said exactly what I was feeling.

"That's so inspiring."

And then, he followed that by saying, 

"It makes me feel really small."

I choked up, too, and told them that, for me, this is another instance where I see the wisdom of God and my own nothingness---that we are all miracles---that life, in so many beautiful, variegated forms, is miraculous.  I can't comprehend it and I don't understand it, but I am in awe of it.

It reminded me of a scriptural passage in the Book of Mormon where the speaker is admonishing his listeners to believe in God---that He is, that He created all things, that all things testify of Him.

A few minutes later, as we went back to other activities, I called down to Benji, wondering where he'd gone.  The answer?

He'd curled up on his bed, wrapped in a blanket, snuggling his favorite bear---because, as he said, he was "feeling small."

As a follow-up to yesterday, we made simple animal and plant cell models today. takeaway?
What I'm still thinking about?

I suppose I feel amazed at being continuously surrounded by miracles.

I may feel small.

But I also feel wonder.

Life is such a beautiful thing.

And when I get to share it with my children and see that they feel something, I am particularly moved.

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