Monday, September 28, 2015

For the Record

Sometimes your kids say things that just make you laugh.
Last week at the dinner table, the boys were telling me what they had learned in their primary class that day.  

They were all hung up on one detail.

They had discussed the story of when Peter jumps out of the fishing boat to go and meet Jesus when they see him on the shore.  They had confused the details a bit, and had thought that the scriptural account said that Peter had jumped out of the boat naked when he went to meet the Savior.  

They couldn't understand that, and this was discussed for a while until Benji said something that totally made me laugh.

I had forgotten about it until something made me think of it again, and I've been amused all day.

His comment?  

"You should have clothes on when you present yourself to the Lord."
(insert crying/laughing tears emoji and thumbs up)
Sometimes the way that he expresses himself in such formal terms cracks me up.  
I love him.

Like, so much.

And, unrelated, but I also think he's freakin' handsome and adorable, too.

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