Monday, November 09, 2015

48 Hour Review

Today was a bit blustery and tomorrow it's slated to snow.
But yesterday?

Yesterday I came home from church and made crust and cooked chicken and filled a pot pie for dinner and then I retired to the back of my backyard with a protein shake and an adirondack chair, and planted myself in the sunshine---for a good long while.  It felt 

And while I was sitting there, I started thinking about the things I was grateful for, just in the last 24 hours.  I ended up opening a new note tab on my phone and jotting things down.

But, since that was yesterday and now we're at tonight, I thought I'd list some things on my list from the last 48 hours.

Orchard apples
Music -- favorite songs and harmonizing
An afternoon chat with one of my long-time friends
Neighbors who let me use some of their freezer space while I was cleaning out mine
Texts from a friend that made me laugh outloud
Running with another friend, and he and I sprinting the finish in the night cold -- felt so good
Pistachio gelato, imported from Italy (it had the best crust of chopped pistachios across the top!)
Meat for my family
Modern technology
Hanging out with another dear friend and talking about recent changes -- but really just feeling grateful for friendship, familiarity, and sharing songs and music together 'til after midnight
Feeling a strong sense of community
The blessings of forgiveness and working together and family
A comfortable bed
A fire
Christmas carols
Talking about important things together around the dinner table into the hearts of my children.
I heard one of my sons pray last night and I was moved by his prayer. He prayed for understanding, and with compassion for others in a very personal way.
I was grateful for it, moved by it, and needed to hear it.

Gratitude always makes me feel insanely rich.

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