Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sometimes Miracles Happen

I have wanted something for years, and it just happened.
Sometimes miracles happen.
At the beginning of April, a friend (who is really my brother) and I tackled the last corner of my yard that has been an eyesore forever.

We turned over the ground (with Mia and Benji, too) so it could be the new home of the garden.
We (that's the royal we, cuz it was Brian) dug out the slate pavers that ran along the back side of the what-was-currently (then) the main section of lawn and replaced them as a border along the side of the new garden plot.
Then began the process of rebuilding the new lattice (Brian again), and we began leveling the old garden space to make way for sod.
Last week we spent three evenings doing prep work: getting out all the spring weeds, digging back a whole section of crabgrass and shaking as much of the dirt out as we could, and then raking.  We relocated the rhubarb plant, and my was that an experience.  I had never seen the underside of a well-established rhubarb plant before, and in a disturbing way it kind of reminded me of an octopus.  The root system that plant had was incredible, and in just six short seasons since I planted it, its rich roots were thick like huge, spongy, orangish-red carrots.  

It was a bit freakish.

Then, last Saturday, we finished the prep work of raking and leveling, and then put the new sod down.
And I haven't been able to stop staring at it whenever I've been in the yard since.
It seems surreal and somewhat miraculous that I no longer have a big, weedy patch of earth in my backyard that totally overwhelmed me.

And the real thing of things?
I've decided that miracles are the hands and hearts of those who love you.
They give, when there was no way it would have happened if you'd tried alone.
They offer without expecting a thing in return.
They ease the burden.
They make you laugh.
They help you create something beautiful.
They are the miracle.
The baffling, beautiful, surprising miracle.

And I feel completely undeserving, along with a whole heap of gratitude in my heart every time I look at that little piece of green out there.

And also, rhubarb makes a yummy pie.
Just sayin.

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