Monday, July 04, 2016

Apple Pie 4th of July

This morning I woke up the kids at 5:15. 

(the boys in 2007 at the Provo balloon fest)

We headed to the hot air balloon fest in Provo because I completely spaced the balloon fest for our city days this year. 
(Which, as a side note, was a total bummer because it's so small-town charming: smaller and less people (always what I prefer cuz I'll take the quiet most any day), free donuts and juice, candy thrown from the balloons.'s awesome.)

So, 5:15 it was.
We met up with Scott when we were there, and once it was over, the older three headed to the parade with him.  

But not this guy.
He didn't want the crowds or the heat, so he headed to the store with me to get apples for apple pie.

And it was so perfect.

Maybe it's cuz they're twins, but I hardly ever get one-on-one time with the boys. 
But it's the best.
Made my whole day, those two hours.

We came home and sat at the kitchen table talking and eating breakfast together, and then laughed at ourselves as we snapped some silly photos.
Then, it was aprons on and we got to work.
(We both love to be in the kitchen.)
Got the apples peeled, and then we sliced them; some to be steamed, 
some left raw.
Put the raw ones in the bowl and added spices and sugar and tapioca.
Steamed the others, and he was stirring regularly so nothing got burned as I made pie crust and rolled out the bottom layer.
Once the steamed apples were done, we combined the two, and Isaiah kept commenting on the smell.
(It smelled like fall as the sunshine streamed in.)
Put the bottom crust in the pie plate and then ladled the filling in.
Isaiah cut up a cube of butter in sections and placed them across the top.

 I rolled out the top crust and put it on, cut the sides, folded them under, crimped the edges.

Put slices down the top.
And then, to be festive, we added a star of dough, and stuck it in the oven to bake while we listened to The Weepies and talked and cleaned up.
(Cuz how American is it to make apple pie for the 4th of July?)

She's out now, and when she's cooled off, I'll sprinkle her pretty with sugar and maybe a little cinnamon.

This afternoon we're headed down to my sister's with all(most) of my family for rafting and playing in the pond, building castles in the sand, fried chicken, fried cauliflower (if you've never tried it, it's amazing! and I'm headed to the store in a sec to get it so the frying can commence), pinochle, watermelon, chips, salad, pies and homemade ice cream and fireworks in the street once it's dark.
Happy 4th of July, folks.
Hope you have a lovely one.

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