Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Sunday Funny

I came in the back door on Sunday after church, pulled an onion out of the fridge and started sautéing it with meat and olive oil.  Chopped up some fresh garlic and threw that in, too.  Added tomatoes and oregano, sliced up fresh basil leaves from my herb planter, and let the sauce start simmering and reducing.
Made bread dough and stuck it out on the deck.  Cut up fresh zucchini and yellow squash from the garden for sautéing, shucked corn on the cob.

I lay on my back in the front yard, alone, looking up at the leaves in the trees above me, and found myself remembering a story involving an expletive that a friend had told me earlier in church about a completely awkward conversation with a woman in our congregation.  It made me laugh out loud as I was lying there thinking about it again.  Sometimes people are so weird, and sometimes cultural church behavior and lingo are awkward.  And from one vantage point, it can be pretty comical sometimes.

Anyway...I put bread in the oven later, made a salad, cooked the corn and pasta, sautéed the vegetables, and we went outside in the breezy evening and ate.  A friend was over eating with us and afterward, I went inside to wash dishes.  I stood in the kitchen, cleaning up, while a game of camp ball ensued in the backyard, batting and running to bases and all that jazz.

At one point, Isaiah opened the back door and said,

"Mom, Benji just yelled, 

And he was laughing as he shut the door and went back out.
And I stood at the counter, also laughing.

First of all, random.

Second? Wow.

Nice pairing, Sparky.
You managed to bring the Book of Mormon into a substitute swear word kind-of-a-sitch.


Not sure what I should have thought, but I laughed.

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