Saturday, August 20, 2016

2:00 AM Negotiations

 Last Sunday night, I fell asleep just after 10:00 while holding my youngest.

After church that day, we'd basically lounged.

Made cranberry orange scones and melted salted butter on them when they were fresh, hot, and sweet from the oven.
Read a couple of chapters from the chapter book we've been reading aloud while lying on my bed after dinner, and Claire fell asleep lying next to me.

Mia and I came back upstairs to clean up dinner.
We turned on some music, and she started scraping plates and wiping down the table while I loaded the dishwasher and took out the trash.

When all was said and done, the three older kids were in their rooms listening to audio books while I took a quiet, solo walk around our neighborhood as it started to get dark.

When I got back, we gathered to say prayer together and Claire came walking in from the other room, having just woken up.

I had her go to the bathroom, and we brushed teeth and changed her into her PJs, and then she and I climbed back in my bed right about 10:00.

And both crashed.

At 2:00 that morning, I woke up and figured I'd better go upstairs and turn off all the lights (and the porch light), cuz I'd left them all on when I'd fallen asleep.
When I went back down, I checked Mia's blood sugars, found she was low, and woke her up to drink some juice.
In the meantime, I moved the smallest one back into her bed, she woke up (again), and promptly started quietly crying because she wanted to sleep in my bed, not hers.
(And I wanted her to sleep in her bed, not mine.)

So, I did some fast thinking.
And this is what came of it.

"Claire, if you stay in your bed, you can help me make waffles with sweet whipped cream and fresh sliced peaches for breakfast."



And that, friends, was that.

I walked out, she went to bed, and I crawled into bed and it was luxurious (I almost always have a small person who climbs into my bed and sleeps next to me, but it's nice to be able to stretch out once in a while).
And she was a happy camper the next morning when we made it happen.
But when I think about it, it kinda amuses me.

She wasn't about to be dissuaded; she wanted to be in my bed.
Until I mentioned food, something she loves to eat.

Apparently food carries some serious weight with that lady.

Which, I have to admit, is kinda just like her mother.

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