Thursday, February 16, 2017

10-Year-Old Valentine

At our house, Valentine's Day is a family affair. 
Even if I did have a significant other at this time (which I don't), who'd want to go out to eat on Valentine's Day?

Crowds. (Check.)
Long waits. (Check.)
Tons of people. (Check.)

No, thanks.

I'd opt for a romantic getaway the weekend before or after, but not on the day itself.
I'm a pretty simple gal, and what I value most are the everyday pieces of my life: my people, my home, music, books, good food, a good run, the people I love and friendships that bring meaning to my life. These are the things that make me happy.
I put a roast in when I woke up that morning, and Claire and I bought balloons and table scatter for decoration.

When I wrapped up work, I put on some fave love tunes and finished up some valentines for the kids.
I hung the balloons and felt gray hearts from the ceiling over the table, chopped up cauliflower for roasting, started the potatoes cooking on the stove that Isaiah had peeled and chopped earlier.
I made scratch gravy and a salad, put ice in the glasses, made "Christmas juice."

I put their love bags on their plates and then we dimmed the lights and sat down to eat.

And we ended up going around the table, from person to person, and saying things we love about each other.
Isaiah said that he loves that Benji always sticks up for him, no matter what.
Mia said that whenever she's bored, Isaiah will always play with her.
I said how much I love Claire's free spirit: the way she walks like she's going places, the way she's talkative and sure of herself.
Benji said that he likes that Mia is a good friend.

And after we ate?
We went into the front room and opened our bags full of the notes we'd written for each other over the last couple of weeks. And they were full of sweet sentiments and kind words, but one of them made all of us laugh. 

I pulled it out of Claire's bag, but it was a note from Benji that was intended for Isaiah.
It sums up 10-year-old boys and their humor.
If this isn't a 10-year-old boy's valentine to his twin brother, I don't know what is.

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