Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Pocket of Joy

When I walked upstairs this morning, it was to blue skies and sunshine.
One of the things I love most about my little house is all of its windows.

I opened the curtains and light came spilling in.

And then, I noticed that my red geranium on the table, the same one I stuck on my father's grave last year, was opening a new bloom.
I saw the hint of it the other day, little clusters about to open.
But that red wasn't there last night.
The whole thing---the light, the new flower, the sky---felt auspicious to me, and I noticed it immediately.

It felt, somehow, like a good luck whisper---as though I'm about to round a bend and find a road beckoning with light and hope and happiness and joy. 

Then, as I was going to blow dry my hair, I overheard Claire at the kitchen table saying to Mia, "I have to get this thing situated," followed by, "I just have to situate this," and her vocabulary usage kind of made my day, too.

And when I walked out onto the deck, the girls came out and went running in the sunshine, soaking in the 50-something-degree temp and I heard Mia yell, 
"This is AMAZING!"

And it really is.
We can all feel it.

So, me? 
I just found a pocket of joy, and I'm gonna ride this wave all day and let my heart soar in that flight.

And you?
Whoever you are, and wherever you are:
I hope you're finding your happy, too.

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