Sunday, June 28, 2009

What Women Need to Know

A long-time friend had her baby last Sunday. Penelope Mae, which I think is just lovely in and of itself. But I just got on her blog to look at the pictures she had posted of her sweet babe and read her note. And after giving all the little details about weight and birth time and height, she said my favorite line: "And was gorgeous from the moment she was born."

Made my heart sort of leap and I felt a tinge of emotion.

I look at my sweet baby girl and wonder how I could ever love someone more. I wonder if someone will love her and treat her as special as she deserves to be treated someday. Will they see in her that divine spark? Will they feel her overwhelming, beautiful spirit? Will she know how special, how beautiful, how remarkable she is?

I hope she knows.

Our time is a time when the world isn't kind to women regarding looks and expectations, and far too many of us beat ourselves up when we don't seem to meet the impossible standard. See here and here, for example. (Seriously, I kind of stagger every time I watch these.)

And then I think about how much I love this talk, how grateful I am for divine guidance, and how much I need to review it sometimes to remind myself. Click here for the text or here to listen. I breathe in this breath of fresh air with joy, grateful that there is still truth coming amid all the junk out there.

It is a thing to marvel, for me, this becoming a mother, and seeing another woman (my baby girl) in a fantastically adoring way. And not wanting her to ever wonder if she is enough, if she is beautiful, if she is wonderful. And it also makes me think about the times when I struggle with these questions, about the times that I need the reminder, a true north to help me remember. And it is a wonder to realize that my parents felt and knew these truths about me the way I recognize them in my sweet Mia. Then comes a calm, sweet whisper inside.

Yes, I was gorgeous from the moment I was born. I still am. And all of you women were. And you still are.

That is the truth, folks.

So I look at her, and I wonder these things, and I hold her close. I can tell her I love her and hug her and encourage and support and be there. And when the day comes that she has these questions, I hope she knows.

I hope she knows.

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