Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm Coming Back...

I've been gone for months.

We packed up and drove to Arizona for a couple weeks to get away from a long, wet spring (a repeat of last year).

Before we took off I planted my garden. I potted red geraniums on my back deck, in hanging planters in my back flowerbeds, in pots on my front porch, a hanging basket by my door. They speak to me in a signature sort of way.

I have nothing of real significance to say today. How does one catch up on a good lost four months? I will leave you with a couple stories.

This year we began something new -- something I had not anticipated the kids being into this early. We started the great adventures in chapter book reading. We began with The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe and afterwards read Charlotte's Web. After finishing the latter, we were on the phone one morning to my sister-in-law to arrange plans for the next day. I let Isaiah hold the phone so he could say hello to her when she picked up the phone. While he was waiting for her to answer, he looked at me and said, "I'm going to say 'Salutations!'" And he did. Loved that.

A while back the kids were eating lunch and I asked how close they were to finishing their food and Benji looked at me and answered, "Eight inches." Well, hey.

Mimi couldn't be happier if she has a lipgloss in tow. And I'm not kidding. The girl loves her lipgloss, her toes painted, and anything else girly you bestow upon her. But she also loves the dirt and doing anything her brothers do. I hope it continues. She talks something crazy (ALL THE TIME), and we so love it.

I'm excited (and thankful) for summer ahead, for family, wonderful friends, faith, good books, talent, for something warm in my heart from one or all of these sources every day.

I promise to start posting regularly again. There's not any good reason for my long hiatus.


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