Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh So Many Things... (and a billion links to take you a billion different places)

One of the things I love about late summer and into the fall are these bright yellow lovelies. If there was a color that's a precursor to the amber of autumn, it would be this. They delight me every time I see them. I think of husking and harvest and fields and sunflowers and quietly loud patches of wildflowers.

Last Thursday I spotted the first small blotches of color up on the mountains that I have been watching for anxiously for the past couple weeks. Yay, you are here!! In the next week the kids and I will be driving up the canyon, bags in hand, to gather the color to make one of these for my front door (and shout out to my cute baby boys). I. can't. wait.

It's crisp and downright chilly sometimes in the morning and evening now. I think we can just about take the window coolers out.

Fall has come creeping into my house, too.

Lately I've been loving my

  • mulled cider candle
  • watching period dramas done by BBC
  • rereading of How Green Was My Valley (LOVE) for book group next week
  • the fact that General Conference is less than two weeks away (also see here)!
  • the tomatoes I've canned from my garden (which in this photo taken last week is looking a bit shabby -- I gave it some love this morning and tidied it up). I picked 72! green chiles this morning, a pile of jalapenos, five green peppers, a bucket full of tomatoes (more canning ahead for this week), a bag of beans, a big cantaloupe, and am going back out to dig up some beets to roast for dinner. Also need to harvest some honkin zucchinis to shred and freeze for future cold winter days when the smell of cinnamon and cloves will make me happy as zucchini bread bakes. And some of those corn stalks will soon take residence on the front porch with some pumpkins.
And I'm anticipating making
  • jalapeno avocado cream soup and
  • jalapeno/green chile lime jelly using the green chiles and jalapenos from the garden
If you've never tried jalapeno lime jelly, order some of this. We LOVE it, especially on our burgers, but it's good on whatever (I think they sell different heat levels, too). Scott was saying a week or so ago that we ought to make a jalapeno chutney or something with our mass of peppers, and then I suggested we try to make a jelly since we love this stuff so much.

So, folks, that's our project tonight. After dinner and FHE and helping my dad get some new chairs home he just purchased, Scott and I will be chef-ing it up in the kitchen, busily concocting. I might just have to blog about that, too.

AND...I'm oh so excited. I've begun a project.

Our friends gave us this dollhouse. I was forewarned that dollhouse furniture (and families and everything else) are expensive. When I was talking to my sister, she told me about Rachel's dollhouse she'd done for her girls last year. She sent me links to what Rachel had blogged about it, and I was so inspired by this, this, this and this.

I went and bought all kinds of fun paper and mod podge and accessories to decorate my dollhouse. Sticker letters. Mirrors. A lime green tin for the bathtub. Adorable metal picture frames. Brightly colored friendly wooden animals. Some dollar-store dollhouse furniture that's gonna be spray painted all different happy colors.

It took me two nights of debating and another trip to the craft store to decide which papers were going to go together in each room (so many fun choices!). I took the doors and roof off, taking care not to permanently wreck the structure. Went to work taping off portions to paint certain walls bright yellow (the same yellow in her bedroom).

So now I've got paper cutting and modpodging to do, doll furniture to paint, bedding and shower curtain to make, ordering a kitchen set (don't know which one yet), decorating walls of the house, and purchasing a family (debating between a few, but here's one in the running). Got to come up with some kind of a toilet for the bathroom and maybe some accent rugs and I really want an old fashioned pram made by calico critters for those cute little twin babies.

Basically, I'm obsessed. I am so excited about it that I oh so hope Mia will love it too. I'm thinking it will make a good birthday gift, and I'm pretty sure the boys will play with it too.

I'm gonna blog the play by play so you can see it develop, too.

Wishing you many, many happy returns of the day during this gorgeous September.

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