Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gender Acknowledgements

The other morning I was super amused -- like Mia is here, watching the parade for July 4th.
Isaiah and Mia both had dresses on and wanted some music to dance to. So I put on Joshua Bell's
Romance on the Violin. I realized there was some kind of junk on the wood floor, and got a wet cloth to clean it up.

Strawberry jam.

As I'm on the floor, wiping it up, Isaiah says to me, "Mom, when you lean over, I can see your things the baby sucks on."
Okay we don't have a baby, but um...yep.

Sagging, stretched out, and deflated but yes, I do have those. ;)

Guess I'm female.

(And note to self: Maybe I should put a bra on in the morning!)

Not twenty minutes later...

I am in the laundry room switching the wash.

And I hear Mia, calling her brother very nonchalantly, just as if she were saying his name.

But she's calling, "Penis!" nice and sweetly.

I started to laugh and called her in and asked her,

"What did you just say?"

"I called him Penis."


"Because he has a penis."

Um, ya.


Guess he's male.

I had to chuckle.

Glad we've got that straight around here.

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