Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Making a Shift

(beautiful green stems by the river's edge)

Didn't get the wreath up.
Thought it was done and it wasn't.

Didn't get to the craft store. Another day.

No work done on the dollhouse.
Spent three! hours looking for shirts/clothing etc for family pictures on Saturday.

I _hate_ shopping.
I really can't emphasize that enough.

Didn't get ice cream bars to dinner, but got everything else.

And after finishing dinner and all the cleanup, I went running because I was feeling hefty and then opted for a shower and bed with my book.

It was a busy, non-stop day yesterday.
Got some done, but not all of it.

It reminds me of this, which I've loved ever since I read it:

"I have a new project, one chapter a day from each of the standard works. I have been on it for four days and am only three days behind. Better to have tried and failed than never to have tried."

--Marjorie Pay Hinckley, as quoted in this book

I love that woman. I loved her zest for life, her sense of humor, her real-ness. While making dinner on Sunday we were watching something on President Hinckley and I was reflecting on just how much I love him and I miss hearing his voice.

My goal for today: to purposefully not be so busy.

Last night in the laundry room, I was thinking that I'm getting a lot done but not what's really important.
I was realizing I haven't spent quality time with my kids the past week+ or so.
They haven't had my time.

My attention.
My love.

I've been stressed and have behaved poorly.

Today's goal is simple:
I'm refocusing where it matters most.

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