Monday, October 10, 2011

Over the Weekend

On Friday we went to a family cabin tucked away in the woods a ways from our home. I grew up going here just about every year.
It still has that quaint old feel, equipped with an old wood-burning stove, rustic kind of homestyle decorations: binoculars, an old radio, antique lamps, a drawing of one of the family's dogs, cast-iron match holders mounted to the hearth for your fire-starting endeavors. In recent years, the plumbing was completed on it and there is now a functioning toilet and warm! water. Growing up, we always went to a spring for water and used the outhouse, and I always wanted someone to go with me in the middle of the night with a flashlight -- just because, as a little girl, the mountains were dark and what if we saw a bear???
It is a simple place: a small, tidy kitchen with a coal-burning stove for cooking (which my dad always used growing up -- they also have an electric two-burner you can use on the countertop); a family/dining room combination with a fireplace and blower, couches, table and chairs; a small, simple side bathroom; an upstairs with olive green carpet, three twin beds with old quilts on trunks at the foot of each bed, and charming cotton curtains. One separate bedroom with a full-size bed, a rocking chair, a yarn basket, a trunk, blankets, and readers digests on the night stand dating back thirty years ago.

I love it here.
My aunt and uncle generously let us use the cabin, and my children now love it here, too.
We were nice and warm with a cozy fire,
reading books,
hot soup and hot chocolate, and down comforters. ;) After the kids were in bed, Scott and I both snuggled up with our books by the fire and enjoyed the quiet in the mountains. In the morning Scott took the kids to go exploring and I got to go for a run by myself. I left my iPod behind purposefully and went out into the quiet. The fog was down on the mountains, it was snowing lightly, and all I could hear was the muted roar of the river down the valley and my feet as they came down on the ground.
It was so lovely.
By the time we left, it was warming again and the snow was beginning to melt and the coloring in the trees seemed more vibrant and beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed something beautiful over the weekend, too.

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