Wednesday, November 09, 2011

It Begins With The Blessed Letter C

(the boys, gettin it done)


Once upon a time, I read something in The Omnivore's Dilemma about how it is possible to determine a person's diet by examining the makeup of their cells.

So super fascinating.
(Maybe that would explain the above photographs too...ya know, genetics and all.)

I have decided that mine would definitely have signs of two things I love.

Namely, the passionate love I have for peanut butter.

AND as far as this post will cover today...for that beloved fruit and byproduct of the cocoa bean that begins with the blessed letter C. Chocolate.

(the boys, wearing it well)

It should be said with blessedness.

And I also swear that, once upon a time, I knew how to do simple addition.
It didn't go like this, tho.

I give you the way that math is done these days in these parts.

Me + each additional year of aging = an increasing violent! demand (URGENT!) for chocolate.

Chocolate + caramel.
Chocolate just plain.
Liquified or Set.
Hot or cold.

Would prefer the European varieties (because I love cream), but I stoop low and partake of (and enjoy) most American renditions, too.

It's pretty much almost essentially a daily requirement (and yes, I did just use all those words together, thank-you-very-much).

It's pathetic that I really can't hardly go a day without it.
And this seems to be the equation of my life.

Oh. Good. Henry.

I don't know whether to cry or celebrate.
(I so understand their joy -- and how it can't seem to stay contained in the mouth...but must spread to hair and hands and arms and clothing too.)

Ah me...I guess I'll have to post about peanut butter another day. Oh. my. yum.

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