Friday, December 30, 2011

Quiet Time

Last night I sat right here, reading.
It had been a day full of...stuff.
Reading with the kids.
Riding bikes.
Reading stories.
Buying M&M candy at the store to make some chocolate Christmas cookies.
Chocolate with bright green and red Ms throughout.

Spent the evening delivering plates of cookies to my neighbors all around and talking with people.
I love my neighborhood and I love the people here.

Mia went with me for the last few and it was so fun.
I feel so conscious of the fact that this little girl won't always want to go with me on every whim, that she'll have more important things to do, that these moments won't last.
Which is why I cherish them.
She was so cute on our deliveries and I could tell, at each house, that everyone else thought that, too.

I tucked her in when we got back and cleaned up my kitchen and swept the floor.
Put all my ribbon and the scissors away.
Restored order.

Later on, I nestled in for reading until Scott got home and we sat and talked for quite a while.
With Benji, who had woken up, and came and sat on his dad's lap.
Then, still later, I tucked him back in bed and giggled with him and his brother who had woken up.
It was a good respite from the past week.
The raunchy mom has been for a visit and I'm ready for her to leave, and for my gentle, patient, loving side to return.

But reading? Its roots go back to my own childhood, with my own mother.
If she had done nothing else, I'd still sing her praises because she gifted me with a love of reading, of words, of stories.  But she did more.

This is what my nightstand looks like.
Do you love to read too?
A quiet chair, winter chill outside, that time of peace before sleep.
It's a lovely, lovely thing.

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