Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Beginnings in 2012

Last night I began the take down/put up process: taking down Christmas, putting up Winter stuff.
I love the start fresh feeling that comes with the new year.
I wanted to capture that freshness and make it seem alive in my front room.
Something invigorating.

I'm still pondering resolutions.
Did you make any?
I want mine to be realistic, measurable, and based on character improvement.
Soul changing.
Person defining.
Love based.
I hope you rang in the new year with joy.
I was sad all of our family togetherness time with our families was over.
It was so much fun.
Today I am taking the tree down. I'm kind of sad to take it down because it was beautiful.
But I'm feeling invigorated by New Beginnings.
We're going to read, go to the grocery store for milk, and go HERE to restock our plugins to make the house smell yum.  They are having their semi-annual sale and it is a crazy good sale.
I promised the kids fireworks before bed tonight if we have a good day.

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