Thursday, January 05, 2012

Sharing Glad Tidings

Right before church on Sunday, this little guy was walking around the house, telling us he was a missionary.  
(Mia was his companion.)

They were "telling people about Jesus."
It was making me laugh inside.

He was carrying his stool around and, upon arriving at his destination, would open the stool, sit down, deliver a message, and then get up and go around to another "house" or person.
His message to me was this:

"You will see a star in the heavens that will mean there's a newborn son, born of the Jews."
And then he went in to Scott, who was finishing getting dressed for church.

And said this,

"And the shepherds saw the angels come and they were sore afraid.  And they brought glad tidings of great joy."

Then I saw him perched in front of the Christmas tree, teaching some other imaginary folk there, saying, "There will be a newborn star in the east and it will lead you to Bethlehem."

You know...I chuckled, and I still do.
He's so cute.
It was so adorable, so charming.
He trusts implicitly in the stories and truth we are trying to share.
He has a bright belief and it touches me profoundly.

But it was all of that and more for me.
I feel the truth of his words deep down, into my core.

Maybe someday he'll go out in the world and open his mouth, sharing tidings of great joy, teaching people about Jesus, that Christ child born in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago.
The one Man who can ultimately effect a mighty change in their hearts.
That Star of Bethlehem, Star of stars, that will lead their way.

I hope he will choose to do that.

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