Friday, February 10, 2012

Because We're Girls

Aunt Flow is in town for her monthly visit.
Not so awesome because the Mom Witch comes to visit too.
I get extra edgy and impatient and the hormonal rage is on.
I hate the mom I am on these days.
Downright mean and rude, sometimes.
In constant need of a patience-recharge button.  
(Seriously, that would be so genius!!  Days like these I'd be pushing it like 40 times...reset, reset, reset!)

So, on our way to the bookstore yesterday for our weekly outing, I was apologizing to the boys.  I told them I needed to tell them something.  We've been quite frank around here about bodily matters.  They know about bleeding.  They can go get me a tampon if I ask for one.  They know what it's for.  They know it's part of a woman's reproductive system.  We're pretty open about all of this.
But today I explained that I have a bunch of hormones and when it's bleeding time, things go kind of crazy inside because of those hormones and I get edgy and cranky.
I apologized. 
I told them it isn't their fault, though they could try to listen a little bit better.  (Ahem.)

And then Isaiah says from the backseat, "When Mia gets older she will have those hormones and she will be not nice either."

Wow, that was awesome.

Makes me laugh thinking about it now, and made me smile to myself then.
I explained that not all women have this trouble, that I actually didn't used to have this trouble.
(Cruel joke...I swear it just was waiting its turn to come on full force!)

I was talking to them about being frustrated and Isaiah commented that it's just "because of those hormones."

Then, Benji asks from the backseat, "Why did Heavenly Father give us hormones?"

Oh boy.


Chemistry answer?
Biological answer?
Functions answer?
Sexuality answer (which kind of all entwine)?
5 year old answer or more in depth?

That's a good question.

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