Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bursting to Bloom

Yesterday morning was beautiful.
We jogged out in the 10:00 a.m. sunshine.
I love the way you can feel the world awakening, beginning to stretch, enlivened by sunlight rays.

Before lunch I walked outside to take pictures of spring coming to our yard.
Dwarf Day Lilies
My personal fave: Peonies
Beautiful iris
Cherry tree blossoming
Green ground cover with white little blossoms to come
Bleeding hearts
Budding on trees
Daffodils ready to burst open

Such happy flowers.
I wanted to go out and sit in a chair on the deck and soak some sun myself.
That is therapy!
But Wednesdays are busy, busy days around these parts and it wasn't to be.
Had to shower after the exercise and get off to the activities of the afternoon.

But yesterday morning, and every morning for several days coming now, I will notice blossoms and color begin to paint the landscape, proudly boasting the riches of earth, dark, lush soil, the smell of life and leaping joy.

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