Friday, March 30, 2012

A Feast of Beauty

Six months ago, it was fall and we were gathering leaves to make wreaths.  We were starting to cook warm meals and think about the holidays.
And we were getting ready for one of my favorite weekends of the year.
It happens twice; once at the beginning of April, once at the beginning of October.
I posted about it here.

It starts tomorrow morning and I'm so excited.

If you want to listen too, you can go here and enjoy a feast of beauty: the beauty of truth, beauty from guidance, beauty by way of peace, beauty for the soul.

Several months back I read a quote that resonated HUGE with me.
I have a very deep conviction of the reality of living prophets.
It is one of my favorite things to talk about.
It's something that I want my children to know, something that I want to give them in a world where true guidance is scarce.

The past few weeks we've talked about Lehi's dream and the rod of iron, how it represented the word of God.  To the individuals in that dream, the heed and attention they paid to it was what made the difference; either safety, joy, love and, ultimately, peace -- or wandering and becoming lost in darkness.

"Our challenge as parents is to prepare our homes so that our children might be 'armed with righteousness.'  In the future, a discernable distinction of the true followers of Christ will be the heed and attention they give to the living prophets and apostles.  As our children listen to these men, they will find their way."  
--Neil L. Andersen (spoken before he was an apostle)

I want my kids to have the tools to find their way, flashlights to aid their path-finding.

I love this beauty and light flowing into my home and heart and family every six months.

And so, this weekend, I'm wishing for you to feel washed with beauty as well.

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