Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Simple Gifts

I have a friend who has impressed me of late with a simple thing he says.
His parting greeting is always, "Peace."
What a lovely thing to say, a lovely thing to strive to bring, a lovely force to be.
(I heart the word lovely.)

I want to give peace.

If someone were to ask me what one of my favorite simple gifts is, it would be so easy to answer.

Surely one of them would be watching light.

Over the past few weeks I've watched the end of day's long rays.
I've watched as it blesses the valley for the coming hush of night:
kissing the green peeking buds on the huge tree in our backyard, 
 and the way it filters through plum blossoms.
I felt that glorious benediction whispering right into my soul, 


I thank God for such beautiful, abundant, quiet, and stunning gifts.

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