Friday, February 14, 2014

It's Love Day, a holiday that has become one of my favorites.
I'm just about to sign off and go make breakfast.
Then we're going to make chocolate cupcakes with creamy chocolate buttercream
Nutella frosting and stuff our valentine bags for friends.
Then we'll make deliveries and pick up balloons for our table tonight.
Then we'll make finishing additions to our love bags that we'll open after dinner.
Maybe snuggle up and watch a movie with the kids.
Or read Harry Potter, because that's what they always request in down time.
Then make dinner, complete with cranberry juice heart ice cubes.


It's going to be a busy day. 

Are you wondering what to do today?

Here are some things we've done this past week that I can offer as suggestions.

1.  Listen to this, or read it here.

I listened to it on my morning run today.
I loved it when I heard it and I love it still.
Today it gave me the inspiration to stay focused on what's important, work for what I most want,
and handle with care those things that I want to last forever.

It's a great love day talk.

2. Make Peppermint Bark
 3.  Write "hidden" messages with white crayons on white hearts.  Hide them and have a hunt throughout the house.  Then, paint over them and watch the messages appear. 
4.  Make valentines.
(I am not sure there is anything cuter than a 7 year old boy not thinking it's weird to put a "kiss" stamp on our neighbor's valentine.  He loves this guy!)
 5.  Make sugar cookies.
Found a new recipe, and it's the one I'm using from now on.
Aaaaaaaand #6.  
Hold the people that you love close.
You  never know how much time you will have to let them know what you feel.

Happy Love Day.
Hope it's a good one for you and yours.

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