Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Just Us Girls

Mia and I love to have Girls Night.

Mr. C. takes the boys, and us girlies have some girl time.
She gets to choose what she wants to do.

Last night we made homemade pizza
 and had it with bubbly in candlelight

 while our valentine candles glowed on the mantle,
and we listened to the Ella Fitzgerald station
on Pandora (one of my favorites).
We went for a night walk,
 and then curled up and ate ice cream while watching Mia's choice of 
 "Anne of Green Gables."

 This morning we had a tea party breakfast of her choice -- hot chocolate and hot homemade bread with butter and honey.

 We busied ourselves by doing her hair

 and stick on nails.
She's growing up before my eyes.

Today she's five.

Tomorrow she'll be twenty.

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