Monday, December 15, 2014

How Donuts Relate to Learning

Those of us who homeschool have certainly heard this comment before:

"Oh, I don't have the patience to homeschool."

(Now, as a disclaimer, let me be clear that I'm not saying that everyone should homeschool.  Totally not saying that.  And I attended public school my whole life and loved it.  So.  Just sayin.)


I have to say that when I hear this, I'd like them to see the truth of my life. 

It ain't always pretty, folks.  

Some days it can be downright painful trying to get everyone to keep to what we need to be doing. Actually, the worst days are usually when I'm not on my game.


I also have to say that some days are beautifully golden.  
And I relish them, because I am reminded why I love it so much.  

Some golden times in the last week and a half?

Learning how batteries store electricity as my son and I built models with his snap circuit set.
 Watching them reading.  This seriously is so awesome for me.

 Learning about atoms together as we began our chemistry unit.
 Beginning work with centimeters.  This particular day we were finding the perimeters.

 Late baked breakfasts...this day it was German pancakes.
 Reading together...
 which makes all of us feel like this:
 And, catching my girls together in the pup tent, poring over our favorite map book.
 Journal work.  
This is my favorite from last week.  
After Benji had been reading about the body, 
he wrote some of what he had learned.
(I particularly like the bit about donuts.
I mean, if you know me at all, you'll know that food is always a good relational point for me.)
(Ahem, and yes.)

It might look all neat and pretty in these pictures, but the reality is that it's pretty messy.
I'm not always patient.  
It isn't always a glorious morning.
But sometimes it is, and good things happen every single week.
And all of us love those golden days and hours.

I absolutely love this time with my children.
I love making connections as we learn about different things.
I'll never regret the hours we have spent together, exploring the world -- through page and experience and discovery, and lots and lots of conversation.

These things I hold in my heart.

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