Friday, December 12, 2014


When I count my blessings, my sisters are right up there.
I really scored in that department.
I mean...I really did.
I belong to a lovely bunch of women that are kind, wise, generous, smart, beautiful, talented, funny, articulate, loyal and ambitious.  They are interesting and delightful.
(And I'm quite fond of the spouses in the bunch, and all the children that have been added to us, too.  I couldn't have better.)  
I pretty much love us.
They are a happy, bright spot in my life.

The other day, as I was snapping pictures of these two together, 
it took me to another place and time.

My little sister and I, growing up together.
We were inseparable.

The same distance apart in years as my two girls.
And, as I watch these two together, 
it makes me hope they will have that, too.  

 I know I'm their mom---but I can hardly stand 
how lovely these two are.

Sisters are a pretty wonderful thing.

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