Wednesday, January 07, 2015


I see God's fingerprints everywhere, and know that peace is just a second away when I pause to feel and listen.

It comes singing to me, reminding me to feel alive and confident and hopeful.

The love of God comes, as on wings, lifting me higher, raising my eyes.

Yesterday I reread a quote by Elder Holland that made me happy.

"Those who say there is no love in the world have never seen a mother gaze into the eyes of her newborn child.  Those who say there is no beauty in the world have never seen New England in the fall or old England in the spring or the Swiss lakes and landscapes any time of the year.  Those who say there is no harmony in the world have never heard Brahms or Beethoven, Puccini or Vivaldi.  Who hasn't had a sudden intake of breath when first seeing the art of Michelangelo or Titian, Rembrandt or Matisse, Constable or Monet?  And what of all the widespread blessings of science, medicine, communication, and transportation?  Wherever we look, there are wonders of things in heaven and on earth."
(from his book For Times of Trouble, pgs. 25-26)


Miracles are everywhere.
Beauty is overflowing.
Joy is ours for the taking.

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