Monday, January 12, 2015

By the Spoonful

In other news, this Little Miss has taken to eating homemade raspberry jam, plain, by the spoonful.
I love it.
But really, what's not to love?

Raspberries are beautiful.

Bright red.  Tangy and tart.  Sweet.  Soft.
Juicy.  Delicious.

Reminds me a whole heap of my father, who loved raspberries.
And, incidentally, loved jam.

Bread was really just an excuse for jam.  
The ratio was pretty much a spoonful of jam for every bite of bread. 
(Actually, a few years back, I discovered that his father, my sweet Grandpa, also eats it the same way.  It cracked me up.) 

Once, as a small person, my grandmother found my dad going to town on the counter, eating jam from the jar.
His response?
"What, mom?  It's my medicine."

So yeah.
Generational thing, I guess.

Her Poppi would be so proud.

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