Friday, January 16, 2015

Just By Looking at the Sky

Yesterday morning, I turned and saw my girls sitting at the table, bathed in sunshine.

I was caught there.  I felt love and peace and the simplicity of the moment.

Morning light is one of my favorite things.
That sunshine is warm and constantly moving, lighting our days, marching us on through this existence.

It is synonymous with hope, and reminds me of perspective, clearer vision, chasing the dark of night away.

Just recently finished this book and have thought a lot about something I learned there.

Elder Maxwell talks about discoveries aiding faith, but then says something about how discoveries, supportive as they may be, will never remove the need for faith.  

God is good and always there.
God wants our happiness and growth.
He knows what we need.
He knows the answers.
He knows the end from the beginning, even when we don't.

And I feel like, for me, there is this juxtaposition between seeing so many blessings and God's hand in my life, while also still being in the darkness of night on other things -- things I'm still waiting to see how it will work out or what it will look like in the light of morning.

I'm comforted by the reality that morning always comes round again.
I believe this, and maybe don't stop often enough to see the messages written for me to read every day, just by looking at the sky.
Faith will always yield beautiful fruit.
Darkness will always give way to light.

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