Sunday, March 29, 2015

Holy Week

Here's what we're doing this year, for those that have asked for it.

Eric Huntsman is a freakin' fantastic resource for this week.

Go to this post of his here.

If you scroll down to the heading in that link where it says "The Passion Week and the Resurrection," you will find links for each day.  I've chosen what we're going to do from this, but underneath the optional readings for each day, he also gives really great ideas for discussion questions related to the readings.  
I plan to use some of those ideas.

In any case, here's what we are doing:

Palm Sunday: Matthew 21: 1-11
Monday: Matthew 21:18-22, Mark 11:15-19, and Luke 19:47-48
Tuesday: Mark 11:20-26, Mark 13
Wednesday: Matthew 26:1-5, 14-16 (the plot to kill Christ, and Judas taking on the role of betrayer)
Thursday: Matthew 26:17-75 (The Last Supper/Gethsemane)
Good Friday: Matthew 27 (Being taken before Pilate, crucifixion, burial)
Saturday: D&C 138 (Christ visits the Spirit World)
Easter Sunday: John 20, Luke 24:13-40

I also love to watch the accompanying new LDS Church Bible videos after our reading and discussion.  The kids really like this too.  
Go HERE for those.
(Claire, after finding the egg earlier this evening.  She looked in the pitcher, saw it, and said, "I found it!"  
As an aside? I kind of wish I could just pinch myself and her cute blond bunches of hair would stay and that contagious smile would stay burned in my consciousness.  Forever.)

In any case...

This is one of my favorite things.
Fills my heart with quiet, jubilant praise.

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