Monday, March 30, 2015

Merry and Bright

Maybe only a mom looks at pictures like this and just kinda 
freaks with love:

But really.

A few weeks ago, I made soup on a cooler day.
Pulled the table out.
Had made hot artisan bread that was all firm and crusty on the outside, and dense, hot and delish on the inside.
Add butter and...seriously...try to top it.  
(It's one of my favorite comfort-of-all-comforts.)


We sat down to eat and Claire wanted to be voice for the prayer.

I couldn't help myself.
I wanted to document the way that she scrunches her face up and the expression as she starts to speak quiet words, so softly to herself.

I feel really good about God understanding my need to preserve this -- even when Claire looked over during it, and, instead of finding her mother modeling prayer, saw the phone snapping away photos instead.

(Insert the iPhone emoji of the laughter face with tears.)

But, c'mon.
These were her Christmas jammies, and they pretty much sum it up perfectly.
She makes every. freakin'. day. like this.

Merry and bright.

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